• Custom Software Development
    Turn the best of your business ideas into innovative software solutions.
    Data-Related Software Engineering
    Software Consulting
    Digital Transformation
    Bringing Impactful Results
    Our software engineers build high-quality solutions while utilizing the most recent tech capabilities. The range of our services is wide as we have a tech stack that would satisfy all the possible modern requirements of the IT business. We are keen on but not limited to delivering the following services:
    Covering Business Needs
    Elinext covers a wide range of industries and delivers tailor-made solutions to our clients across the world. Our specialists always work hard on the expansion of our verticals and the deepness of learning nuances and clients’ industry-specific needs.
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    Delivering Modern Software Solutions
    Elinext delivers innovative software solutions that bring our customers a competitive advantage at the market across multiple domains. Depending on the initial task, our clients conquer the new market, increase their business presence, or optimize their internal processes.
    Customer engagement
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    Data analytics
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    Internet of Things
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    Asset & Resource Management
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    Artificial Intelligence
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    Providing IT Services
    The profound software engineering expertise coupled with top-notch management allows Elinext to deliver a long list of services to our customers. Mid-size and enterprise-level services that enable business transformation are our core products.
    More Services
    Healthcare Data Anonymization Platform
    Modern web-based healthcare management software solution. Enables the effective automation of processing sensitive patient data
    Clinical Trials Management
    The modular software platform. Utilized to streamline the execution of clinical trials by pharmaceutical and biotech companies
    3-Tier ERP And Payment Processing Solution
    Complex ERP System used for tracking financial transactions and objects. Integrated with the top leading payment systems
    Network Monitoring Software
    Robust, complex, and sophisticated solution for network monitoring and infrastructure management
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    About Us
    500 +
    Employees, 85% Are Software Engineers
    Offices Worldwide
    1000 +
    Delivered Projects
    300 +
    Clients Worldwide
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    Ready To Collaborate With Elinext?

    Ready To Collaborate With Elinext?
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